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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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I spoke to Lutron today
nanowrimo 2010

     I spoke to lutron today. That would be the person, not the corporation. He was on his way to D & D. I haven't done that in more than 15 years. I don't miss it, but it might be fun to find a group. I would have to find some oldsters, I don't think I could stand playing with people who don't remember the time before the DMG and Monster Manual existed.

     Lu and I have been out of touch lately. It was nice to catch up. We got to commiserate over the vicissitudes of dealing with abrasive youth. Catching up with people seems to be the theme for this week. My fellow writer Richard got in touch after some months absence. He had a litany of awful trials endured in the intervening time. I sympathize completely.

     That's all I'm going to write for the moment. I have another project in process that I want to submit Monday morning.

     I call the story, Wizard Implant. It's about a man who pays to have a series of cortical implants to make him a Wizard. It does, but the "scientific" version of a cybernetic Wizard isn't precisely what he expected. I plan to submit it to Swamp Biscuits and Tea. I don't know the magazine, and I'm not sure my style and theirs are a good match, but I think I can write for them.