Karl (louderback) wrote,

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  • Thu, 15:50: Seizure 2day. Unusually bad aftermath. Shoulder probs, back probs, right knee probs. So much for cleaning day. #fb
  • Thu, 15:53: during seizure injured my right foot. luckily was wearing tight shoes. somebody's looking out for me, right? #fb
  • Thu, 21:17: aftermath of a seizure stirs my mind little memory fish darting here & there thought bout 4th grade teacher 4 the 1st time in 60 years. #fb
  • Fri, 10:32: just discovered accessible twitter http://bit.ly/jYbwlE I now use it exclusively #fb
  • Fri, 11:40: Another seizure today. Hurt bad. Not injured, just hurt. 2 days in a row pretty unusual. #seizure #fb
  • Fri, 11:41: If this daily seizure phenom repeats I'm headed to the neuro posthaste. #seizure #fb
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