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Trekking again.

I'm off to the doctor again this morning. This time to have my sinuses drained. What a thrilling prospect for an after-breakfast activity. I can imagine spending the rest of the day draining little squid-like glops of ick from my sinuses. Oh well.

On a more cheerful note. I added a chapter to the serial novel. It has begun

I've got a new soulcatcher entry in my head. Just need to find time to type it out. .

My vision is worse today. Things are not as shiny (like headlights through a rain-spattered windshield in the dark) but I can't focus on text. Even using the magnifier, I can only just read it.

Yesterday at noon, Shigor called. The lady done me dirty. I can't be really angry, but my feelings are hurt. He will be a few weeks longer before returning as she has to work in a honeymoon. It turns out that her two recent visits to India have been to make nice with her husband-to-be. The marriage is an arranged one, as is quite common. It seems to be a good marriage as far as such things go. I hope they will do well. I just feel bad about the fact that Shigor couldn't tell me before she left. We have always been good friends on top of any other relationship we shared. At least I thought so. I am sad that it had to come about this way.

I'll be doing as much writing as I can in the next few weeks. I will be looking into dictation software to help me read things I can't get otherwise. I may also break down and get via-voice or one of those products that let's me dictate my writing. I've always wanted one of those anyway. The ones I've tried so far just plain didn't work well. If anyone reading this owns such a product and likes it, please let me know. I'd like to discuss the features and how it works for you.


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