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Headed out to the eye doctor

I'm on my way to the doctor in a short while. An eye doctor again. I hope he'll see something the other didn't. After that it's another visit to Doc Aruba. I'll spend a lot of time with doctors today.

I've posted a new SoulCatcher entry and created an experimental journal that Nuniabiz, the mighty Ed and I will use as the playground for a new story. It's the Fountain of Liturae (liturae is erasures) and is found at http://www.livejournal.com/users/liturae. We are hoping to play some games with author and character perspective while folding in any participation from readers. It could be very interesting if it catches on. If not, it will be an interesting exercise, anyway. Replies in my journal of 6/14 9:38 contain much of the discussion of what we will be doing.

I will post the first Chapter before noon today. We haven't discussed the title yet, but I'm inclined toward "The Long Walk"


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