Karl (louderback) wrote,

A Day for "asms"



         Yesterday I had a pleonasm of words. That is nothing like an orgasm, but probably should be. I experienced an algorasm once. That's when a program you have written (an algorithm) runs correctly the first time.

         What I'm trying to say is that I had a good day writing. I'm unlikely to write much today, I just feel like there's a hole in my brain. Things spill out but they aren't coherent words. I probably should let them spill into my NaNoWriMo novel... it just has to be 50k words... they don't have to be good.

         Writing (in November) is at once an easy and a difficult process. I manage to turn off (mostly) my "internal editor" and just exude words through my fingertips into the word processor. I need a good dictation software package. If I could speak my novel it would be written in a couple of days. As it is, I have long spells of no words at all followed by days when I write 10k words practically at a sitting. Years back I used to write 10k a day without effort and I did it for day after day, sometimes for weeks at a time. Typing is painful now (arthritis) and difficult to concentrate on (depression) and slow to do (blindness). My world of writing is a whole different world now. Still it is a thing to which I cling. I can't read, but I can still put words on paper.



         Perhaps my inability to read is what is keeping me out there as a writer. I desperately need a literary agent. I have decided to use hulu to publish the works I have complete on my hard drive. I have seven (eight in a few days) of 70-150k words. I will be publishing them (print on demand soon). I have a friend in publishing in Miami (Cwazyfrank) and I may turn things over to him and see if he can do something with my stuff. I have decided to publish. The process of finding a publisher is very daunting to me. Anybody out there have a clue as to the best way to go?


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