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Today I wrote a scene about some werewolves who live in New York City. They are an urban gang in Brooklyn (so I get to use the accent a few times - Fuckin'-A!). The scene is all about them hunting down a guy who has offended them (won't go into the details). The scene is fun...he is running like Hell through dark streets scared as all get out. The werewolves, on the other hand, are having fun. They are much faster than he is and can catch him anytime. He runs for blocks, trying doors, crashing into mailboxes, pounding on the few passing cars trying to get someone to stop and let him in... to no avail of course. Behind him the werewolves are practicing parkour doing fancy moves, jumping fences, using lamppost to swing into a 90 degree turn. The image in my mind is spectacularly interesting. It is to long to post here as an exerpt, but I hope to post it in [Unknown LJ tag] soon for your enjoyment.

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