Karl (louderback) wrote,

Encapsulated World: Just a snippet I may work on after NaNoWriMo 2010

Encapsulated World

The First Sentients

The years of disagreement were long. The approaching danger was distant and argument persisted long after it should have. Agreement was reached a century before disaster was to strike. Cataclysm would come. In three mighty blows, it would come. In a century, a great comet would strike the planet. The combined power of all the wizards that lived could not prevent that event. That power, insufficient to stop the comet was enough to control where it would hit.

A great slow moving rock trundled through space. It would reach the world one thousand years after the comet-fall. This great slow-moving rock, would fall upon the world. Its impact would be greater than the faster-moving comet for it was much greater in size. Some thought it might crack the world for it was nearly one tenth of the planet’s diameter. The debris hurled into the air would last for millennia and the air would not be breathable. Any life that yet lived after the impact of the comet would be doomed.

Yet a third disaster was in the making. Another great rock, a quarter of the size of the planet was approaching. Some thought it would strike the planet; others thought it would swing nearby and pass on. Some thought its slow rate of motion might let it be captured by the world and held captive. Its diameter was a quarter of the worlds. If it struck the planet, only rubble could survive. If it was captured it would become a close-orbiting moon whose effects on the planet below could only be conjectured.

A site was chosen for the comet’s fall. It was felt the populace could be evacuated from the spot within the century. The location chosen, it was felt, would somewhat mitigate the damage.

Their choice; The Pillar of the Sky. It was the highest peak of the highest range of mountains on the planet. If the comet came straight down upon it, it would strike rock and crush itself against the world’s very spine.

The greatest mountain in the world would be shattered by the impact. Dust and debris would darken the world for a thousand years. Mankind, with wizards’ help could survive in such a world. The wizards worked a great work of thaumaturgy and the comet was diverted.

Thereafter they set to work trying to find a means to survive the millennia of darkness to come. Great floods would ensue.


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