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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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A busy day at the doctor
nanowrimo 2010
Three visits to doctors today. I hope some of them do some good.

I had to fast before my blood test at 7:00 this morning. Since I usually have breakfast at 5:30 that is a bit of a stretch. Always headachy and tired until I eat. Then I'm just tired.

I'm having to wear sunglasses inside again today. Watching TV or typing on the computer is a pain in the ass. Driving is out of the question.

I'm just gonna take my pills and try to kick back for a day. I really hate not being able to type very much.

NuniaBiz! Tell me 'bout your Great American Novel ...

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(Deleted comment)
It's a deal.

Would you consider ...

Creating a shared journal for the express purpose of collaborating on a story that is created in diary-sized increments. We could alternate chapters, and update each other's entries to include information that ties it to our own "new" stuff.

Some simple basic rules to keep from treading on each other should suffice.

What about the possibility of including some others? Or would that be "too many cooks?

(Deleted comment)

My thoughts on rules... More than I thought I'd have!

I've no objections to adding others, just no ideas who they might be. I don't know any inveterate writers among our crowd. Both Hate and Beastofexmoor but might not be interested. I suggest we just go with it and see if anyone wants to join in.

My idea of rules would fall along these lines:

  1. 1 chapter = 1 post, meaning if you don't think you've put down enough for someone else to grab and run with, wait and post it after you've got a little more. A "chapter" can be anything from a paragraph on up. Once you've posted, you can revise as suits you but anyone is free to go on from there.
  2. Anyone is free to revise a "chapter" but revision should be matters of style or addition of information, not post-facto modification of the story-line.

    1. Exception: revision to fit existing facts is OK and appropriate.
    2. Exception: anyone is free to revise anything if everyone agrees.

  3. Any durable character created (meaning someone with a tendency to occur for a full chapter or more and not just a walk on or a disposable red-shirt ala Star Trek) should be accompanied by a minimal biography that includes a good physical description, any necessary history and any essential quirks/qualities to be played upon or demonstrated in the story.
  4. No killing each other's characters without prior agreement (or putting them in situations where they are essentially out of the novel).
  5. No pre-defined plot line unless it is in the most general of terms.

    1. Large sub-plots (or lengthy digressions) are allowed but should eventually tie back into the original novel within three to five "chapters". Any time you like a digression so much you'd rather run with it, we can create a "spin-off" journal.
    2. No introduction of logically inconsistent technology/magic without prior discussion.

Most of the above strike me as just common politeness. I don't imagine we'll have problems.

Oh yeah, if you have a problem, moan and complain until this becomes fun again.

(Deleted comment)

Re: My thoughts on rules... More than I thought I'd have!

I'd be happy with a plot line no more complex than: "evil nurse who euthanizes patients eventually finds herself about to be euthanized"

Who needs more than an ultimate goal? Getting there is all the fun.

Have you any ideas on genre? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, murder mystery, vampires, robots, marmosets?

(Deleted comment)
Ratified with no reservations

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