Karl (louderback) wrote,

C'est la Merde

Tending the Sister         My Sis just woke me up to tend her for a moment. She is nauseous and dizzy. Think she's got the flu? Maybe… It could also be the fajitas we had for supper. It could be almost anything. Nauseous girl and petI got her settled with a bucket to urp in, cold water to rinse with, and a box of tissues near to hand. Took her temperature and found it to be normal. It is to be hoped that this is just a stomach bug that will pass in the night. So to speak. She is headed back to slumberland, I'm prolly up for the night. That will be no hardship, as I have slept the day away… well over fifteen hours, I think.

          I'm not writing at all. It's not rocket science to see that with 36,000 words to go I need to average about 3,200 words per day to "win" at NaNoWriMo. <DIGRESSION>Every November (and other months too, I use Words Per Day, Words Per Hour, Words Per Minute, and even Words Per Month quite a lot. I think that instead of a standard abbreviation WPD, WPH, WPM and the non standard WPMth we need a standard symbol. Something like say: four differing variations on a fancy "W" like this one — . We could pick four different fonts for each of the meanings. Somebody get right on that, willya?</DIGRESSION>When You're up against a wall with "no excuses" painted on it you are nonetheless up against a wall. Needing 3,200 words per day is not insurmountable, but my enthusiasm for my "werewolf" novel has drained away with my four days of illness. Perhaps it was the Halloween season that gave me the interest in the first place. Perhaps It was just not meant to be. I will begin my day tomorrow (assuming all is well with Sis and my foot permits) with some writing exercises and try to either write 36,000 words about werewolves or just start a new novel. It can be done. Maybe…

         Last year someone posted the words on the right on day 2. I am taking the post to heart and am going to follow my own advice instead of scrambling through the forums for a "fix" for my block. As I say. I may just throw the novel away (OK, I never throw anything away. There will be more NaNoWriMos for years to come. I wouldn't know what to do without NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy to eat up two of the months of my year.

         Just to make myself crazy (crazier) I checked the word count on this document. It has taken me over three hours to write this much. <sigh>At that rate, 3,200 words per day would require a six-seven hour daily commitment. </sigh> I guess we'll see.


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