Karl (louderback) wrote,

Let's Get Back On Track

         <RANT>I am an American. I say that with pride and with the conviction that this is one of the greatest nations ever to have been. I a furious with apologists who seem to think that because we are wealthy, we have something of which to be ashamed. I feel no shame in calling myself American and I think this country has done damned well for the last 234 years. Yes, I'll readily admit we, as a people, and we, as individuals, have made mistakes — some of them quite grave. But I also want to emphasize that we, as a people, and we, as individuals — have done more for others than anyone in history.

         So what's my point? This: I am becoming outraged over Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT). Obama promised to end it. So end it you lying bastard. The congress will dither over this forever. Congress has more important things to do. End DADT with an executive order, let the courts fight it out. Congress needs to be concerned with things that save lives and bring world peace. Why are we dithering over who likes a dick up his and who doesn't. There's not a major police department in the western world who bans homosexuals. There's not a major military in the western world who bans homosexuals. The British, for instance, do not. Are you going to look me in the face and say that the Brits have morale problems because of this. I am ashamed that Uncle Sam is openly a homophobe. I am deeply disturbed that people think this is important enough to waste Congress' time when we are fighting two wars, suffering one of the worst economic crises in history, and need to address the horrors possible if our ecology fails. These issues are important.

         There's three caskets. There's a dead fag in one of 'em. Do you think he sacrificed less, that his family sacrificed less, that he gave less in dying for his country than the other two? This crap has to stop. I don't care about gay marriage. I don't care about DADT. I'm sorry, gay community, but your problems can take a back burner until people stop dying in Iraq and Iran. Your problems, severe and important as they may or may not be simply aren't such that we need to solve them before the whole nation has their homes foreclosed. Your problems, severe and important as they may or may not be simply aren't such that we need to solve them before the ozone layer dies, we all choke to death on carbon, or the sun burns us to a crisp. Let's all agree to get on with the important stuff. End the wars. Build some jobs. Stop polluting. Clean up the environment. Then lets move on to solving social issues. I'm sure all the other special interests want a position, Fundies, Gays, Senior Citizens, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Those Who Oppose Halloween, and you name it. When our soldiers are on our soil and people are working, then let's prioritize all those political action committees and special interest groups.

         As a post script, I am tired of hearing of the "gay agenda". I've never seen two groups that held a press conference or got interviewed put forth the same message. There's hundreds of groups, maybe thousands for all I know. They're just not that organized. Gay marriage is not going to destroy straight marriage. Do you think gay evangelists will come to your door and convert you? "Hey, maybe I would like a dick up my ass!" Do you think that seeing the gay couple in the mall will make your kids gay? Not if you're raising the right it won't! Everybody stop being homophobic assholes in this matter. IT JUST ISN'T THAT IMPORTANT!</RANT>


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