Karl (louderback) wrote,

Zero Count - behold my mighty goose-egg

Zero Word Count - Here's your Goose-egg         It's confirmed. My second day with a zero word-count. I've received my official goose-egg. Late-night sessions don't work. Morning sessions don't work. Heavens to Betsy (just what does that mean anyway?) even the Keurig solution (nice strong coffee) doesn't work. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Officially Blocked         OK. I'm blocked. I don't feel like writing about werewolves, not even about writing about writing about werewolves. Even not writing about writing about not-very-wolfy-werewolves. I lack discourse. One of my otherkin friends! Save. I need a wolf's perspective on wolves! Something! Anything! Get me started again. My Trekkie friends (and if you are so in flagrante nerdicto as to insist on being called "Trekker" you're not my friend) - save me. I need a good old fashioned geeky discussion of the battle worthiness of Intrepid-class federation ships vs. Galor-class Cardassian ships. What celebrity cameo was the best Klingon? How many actors have played Klingons, Vulcans, and Humans? Nerd me up! Wolf me out! Help!

Who ya gonna call?         If that just don't work out, well, "who ya gonna call?" My usual prescription for WB is freewriting. Watch my prose journal louderprose (http://louderprose.livejournal.com) for those of you not LJ-enabled. All too many of you can claim that. So sad to see so many things in my life fading. Livejournal is fading fast. The day of the diary website his over, I suspect, supplanted by the pseudo-blogger who just writes a diary and insists that it is of interest to others. Walkers in darkness seems on its last legs. Regulars are less regular, newbies are fewer all the time. Even the odious facebook (*stubs toe in dirt and admits shamefacedly to missing it*) seems to be on the way out.

         I go now to freewrite... watch for way too many little LJ entries.


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