Karl (louderback) wrote,

one day, 11 hours 32 minutes and 10 seconds

until Na(tional)No(vel)Wri(ting)Mo(nth) is upon me again. NaNoWriMo will be inaugurated by me at Midnight+ on the 2010/11/01, followed by a visit to CoffeeZone for most of the 1st then a visit to the FirstCupCafe JC (web page coming soon) which is in the lobby of JCMG.

I always write better with coffee in hand - well, in brain. 50k words in 30 days was hard work last year, but not a stretch. I'm going for 50k words again this year, but setting a "stretch" goal of 100k. To that end I need to write 3333 words per day for 30 days. Of course that means one of the 30 days I have to sneak in an extra 10 words to actually reach 100k, but setting a goal of 100,020 by writing 3,334 a day... well, that's just crazy.

This year's book? Wolves of the World. No, it's not a documentary (at least not in any conventional sense). I am writing a fantasy about how Werewolf packs around the world live and interact. Sort of "Interview with the Vampire" meets "Werewolves of London" (apologies to Anne Rice and Warren Zevon both). I seem to be stuck in the fantasy genre for the last 5 NaNoWriMos

Iterestingly enough I will also be attempting a collaboration with my friend from Tampa. We are writing a sort of Non-canon Star Trek What If-is reboot thingie. I can't tell you much more about it than that right now, but I commit to 1300 words per day on the project. That means I will have to write 3,333+1,300 (and that pesky extra 10) words per day to reach my "stretch" goal... 4,633 words every day. I can do this. If I reach only my 50k goal, I will have written 1,667 + 1300 words per day (2,967). I think either goal is attainable.

Tags: nanowrimo

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