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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
Grumpy Old Man waving Cane

         I am all for "transparency" while maintaining my strong feeling that privacy supersedes "transparency" in the realm of personal information. People are forever coming up with new and really (honestly) great ideas that scare the shit out of me.

A big boy intimidating a smaller one

         First there was the Sex Offender's Registry. It's a good idea, but it has become a clusterfuck of injustices. A drunken teenager who pisses in the shrubbery is not a sex offender, yet many such are in the registry. <sigh>Whatcha gonna do?</sigh> It's a good idea with serious flaws that will never be corrected.

Handprint with a pawprint inside it

         Now I hear that North Carolina is creating an "Animal Abuser" registry. They want it public and they want it national. Another good idea, but I wonder how it is going to be used? Will those convicted of animal cruelty be barred from pet stores? Kept from owning puppy farms? Will I be able to look up animal abusers in my neighborhood if my dog goes missing? What do I do if I find the man down the street abuses dogs? Go burn his house first if my dog is killed by a car?

Finger pointing out a man

         The Credit Report industry has turned into a "Debt Offender's Registry". I hear more and more instances where people with bad credit, bankruptcies, home repossessions, car repossessions, can't get work because some corporate flack in HR checked their credit report and decided that these things indicated bad character. In this economy? Does it really? Your credit report has started taking the place of a background check for entirely too many people.

A big boy intimidating a smaller one


The Latest Nonsense!

It would appear that a suburb of Los Angeles is beginning a "bully" registry. I don't see how this could possibly be legal. Unless they are reporting adult bullying in the corporate workplace, any instance of bullying would probably take place in the K-12 schools. Can you make public a list of minors with bad behavior? I think not. It does go to show where our mindset is. Perhaps I can get a "tailgater" registry, those people really piss me off. How about a "fender bender" registry so I can avoid people who tend to back into things or make illegal left turns? Hey! That's it! A "moving violations" registry! How about an "animal owner" registry so you don't have to move into a neighborhood with a lot of barking dogs or prowling cats? Will it ever end?

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my brain hurts from just reading it.

is that people coming up with these things and proceeding without a thought to the implications of what they're doing.

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