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“This will be a short message this time. I don't feel like to typing on my LiveJournal entry. I have literally have a cold. As you can no doubt tell. It's been this way for a few days and the worst part of it is it seems to be affecting my foot. The ___ in my foot has been doing continuously for about 4 days. I'm driven to the stocks and ___ been able to sleep it's been to over drug myself. I'm getting exploring where I'm taking four Clonopin(?) which is I guess 2 milligrams I've got to really like quick ones are required to knock me out. I really don't have any news feels likes it. Nothing is been doing one, Janna has gone to the doctor and will be having foot surgery sometime soon. This will keep her out of work for a month, so we're going to be screwed again on that score. I guess that's everything. I'll talk to you all again soon.”

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