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“Hello all just a brief post off with something type something later. I have not real news things are not doing well. My finances are bad. My depression is bad still getting over Nikki not even my dog and I still get weepy once in a while that's another way I can tell my depression is in high gear. I'm working out a way to get someone to manage my finances. The banks around here don't do that serious and the accountants I called kinda snickered(?) at me. Everybody seems to have such things done by their aunts or their nephew, or some such. If I had relatives I might do that. My vision(?) is going down hill fast. My physical health is doing down hill fast I'm becoming very limited on what I can do. I had a ball getting back in to Ruby programming but I lack the mental acuity to really do it. I'm having complain with it but it's too hard and I would need some person to sit next to me and teach me for me to learn the hard stuff here. Nothing else to say I guess. My new tag line on my emails is the last thing I want to do is hurt you but it's still on the list”

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