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Movies and sentimentality

         Nickki is dead. She passed on August 10th and I am just now coming to terms. My Jirel is not well either. She gets two shots of insulin per day. She has good days and bad days. In October we will take her to the University of MO medical center for an MRI. Hopefully it will reveal as much as possible of her real medical situation.

         Jirel gave me a horrible fright the day before last.

In her last days, Nickki had a tendency to wander through the railings on the stairs and fall the eight feet to the landing below. We put up barriers around the railing and a child gate at the head of the stairs to prevent falls.

          Well, Jirel tumbled down the stairs too. Her blindness, like mine, is increasing. We restored the child gate. It is a pain in the ass for us, but a necessity for her.

         My own blindness has never terrified me. It has always been an inconvenience, and a transforming experience. For a dog, it must be an exercise in perpetual confusion. Jirel does well in the house, mostly, but has difficulty in any new surroundings. This experience parallels my own.

         A full month after her passing, I find myself tripping over Nikki's absences. I keep looking to the two little "caves" she preferred in the living room, a space between the sofa and the chaise, and a spot at the foot of the chaise. I peek expecting to see her. Jirel has done the same on a couple of occasions.

Jirel and Nickki interacted very little, really. Most of their relationship consisted of growling at one another and jockeying for position while groaking whoever happened to be eating.

         Nevertheless, Jirel has noticed that Nickki is gone. I think she has accepted it. I wish I could say the same.

         I just finished watching a television series based on the movie Starhunter The series Starhunter 2300 was a good experience. Starhunter is a "B" movie by most standards. The Series is much the same. I found the acting to be good, and the general storyline, well…acceptable. The production values are not spectacular, but with a little willing suspension of disbelief it makes for a suitable space opera.

         While sleeping no more three hours a night for the last few weeks I have seen a lot of television via Netflix instant downloads. I recently watched something called Moon and found it a tour de force performance by Sam Rockwell. Kevin Spacey is present (voice only) as an added bonus.

         Paranoia 1.0 is a somber, stylish, well-acted story starring Jeremy Sisto. I'm quite a fan of Jeremy. I first noticed him in Six Feet Under. Coincidentally, I was watching Six feet under only because of the presence of Michael C. Hall of Dexter. I've been a fan of Jeremy since then. I have tried to follow his career. He's made some stinkers of movies and has appeared in some "odd" roles. I admire that.

         I am currently trying to get into a short series (mini-series?) called Neverwhere. It seems to have been a short-lived series at best, only six episodes. I am trying hard to get into the show — I find the premise intriguing — but it isn't going at all well. Read up on it, try it out. Maybe you'll like it.

         I think I'll finish the rest of this in a voice post.

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