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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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more "Foxmathics"
nanowrimo 2010
Just a quick blurb... Fucks News has pissed me off again... "500,000" people at Glen Beck's tent meeting.

Yeah, and all those people who told me so were actually at Woodstock...

Fuck the factsI can't find another population count anywhere that says anything but "thousands" not "hundreds of thousands" or "half a million" or anything bigger than "thousands"... where'd Fucks News get this number? Out of it's ass as usual?

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Washington Post:
http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2010/08/beck-people-dont-recognize-oba.html - could be anywhere between 87,000 and 650,000 depending on who you ask. Hopeless.

Just one day after he drew a sea of conservative activists to see him speak on the National Mall, Fox News host Glenn Beck appeared on "Fox News Sunday" to discuss the event. Beck said his rally -- at which former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also spoke -- drew "on the low end 300,000" attendees up to "as many as 650,000." Unofficial estimates of the crowd size have varied wildly. CBS estimated 87,000 attendees based on aerial photographs, while NBC quoted an anonymous park service official who said there were 300,000 in the audience. The Park Service did not release an official estimate. Beck said there is 'not a chance' of a Beck-Palin GOP ticket in 2012. He said he has "zero desire" to run for president. "I don't think I would be electable," he said.

Thank you for some alternative numbers. Obviously, nobody is sure how many were there!

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