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Strippers and the local church

Strippers picketing a church

Bikini-clad strippers protest church in rural Ohio

By JEANNIE NUSS (AP) — 2 days ago
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WARSAW, Ohio — Strippers dressed in bikinis sunbathe in lawn chairs, their backs turned toward the gray clapboard church where men in ties and women in full-length skirts flock to Sunday morning services.

The strippers, fueled by Cheetos and nicotine, are protesting a fundamentalist Christian church whose Bible-brandishing congregants have picketed the club where they work. The dancers roll up with signs carrying messages adapted from Scripture, such as "Do unto others as you would have done unto you," to counter church members who for four years have photographed license plates of patrons and asked them if their mothers and wives know their whereabouts.

         Well, "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander" as they say. I don't actually know anyone who says that, but what the hell. I'm slightly at a loss as to why this picketing and counter-picketing is taking place. The strip club, according to the article, is less than 1000 feet from a church —not the church that is picketing them— which would, IMNHO a bit of a problem. The church that is doing the picketing is nine miles away. So why the conflict?

"As a Christian community, we cannot share territory with the devil," Dunfee said. "Light and darkness cannot exist together, so The Fox Hole has got to go."

         Pastor Dunfee's protestations ring somehow hollow to me. When religious people get all abstract and philosophical, it makes me nervous. If he was objecting to the temptation it provided his parishioners, some violation of the law — zoning perhaps — I'd have more sympathy. From the general information available in the article, the church has just picked a fight. I'm not unsympathetic with their viewpoint, but this seems to be more a battle of wills than one of ideology or theology. And, though I recognize it as a flawed argument, this seems a victimless crime in most respects. Statistics say that "most" strippers are in the job because they choose to be (though they never say what forces them to make that choice, and I can't recall ever having seen someone dragged into strip club (bachelor parties excluded from this statement).

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