Karl (louderback) wrote,

Woe is us?

         I'm missing the blurt-it-out nature of my Facebook entries, so I may make several LJ entries today. I've already posted at p_odj today, you might toddle over there and see what gets under my skin.

        This article is unremarkable but I found this statement interesting…

Although it is difficult to make a direct connection between academics and play, there is also concern about a new gender gap as boys lag behind girls in many aspects of school all the way up to college enrollment. Evidence suggests this gap begins as soon as children enter classrooms.

         It was my intention to add some comments about the ways boys play vs. the way girls play, and to illustrate it, comment on education and the transforming nature of the classroom, and I was going to imbed a photo of boys playing "army" to illustrate one of my points. I searched diligently, and was unable to find such a picture for boys playing "army" or "soldier" or "war" that was not either posed in costume, involved re-enactors, or which involved (prominently) a girl. I think this speaks more loudly than my comments might have. Have we so changed that boys don't play this way anymore ("ugh, girls" didn't play "army" in my day, I suspect they don't do so all that much these days)? Have we so changed that we can't take a photograph without being "inclusive" or "politically correct" on this issue?

         Oh my people! Where are you going?

Tags: boys, education, gender roles

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