Karl (louderback) wrote,

Movie night = sleepless night

         I've just watched Suspect ZeroSuspect 0. It had an excellent cast. Aaron Eckhart, starred, or co-starred, since he can hardly pull rank on Ben Kingsley. I'm not particulary a fan of Aaron, but I thought he was a good Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight. Ben Kingsley is known to everyone, I suppose. His role in Suspect Zero seems out of his usual character and I found it, therefore, interesting. Not a super fan of Ben, I didn't notice him until '82 when he played Gandhi. I suppose that's when everyone noticed him. I, largely, lost track of him thereafter until '92 when he played Cosmo in Sneakers. He hit my radar again several times in movies that nobody much cared about, Slipstream, Twelfth Night, and Species. He did a number of much more "important" movies that I didn't care about. Still, every performance I've seen, I found to be interesting. I was particularly displeased with his Dr. Watson in Without a Clue, but what can you say. Sherlock really has been done to death. Only Dracula is deader. His performance was not bad or unprofessional, I just didn't like his Watson. Carrie-Anne Moss— I was never a fan despite noticing her in Dark Justice, Memento, and, of course, the Matrix series. Only as Trinity in the Matrix movies did I develop any affection for her as an actor. I might not have noticed her at all save that Memento is a movie for which I have a high regard. Before that, I merely thought of her as a noticeable talent. Harry Lennix may be unfamiliar to you save as Commander Lock from the Matrix series. I know him also from Dollhouse. I wish that had gone on a bit longer. I like Eliza Dushku who you are likely to remember from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She starred in Tru Calling, but the series never made it big enough to be noticed.

         Next up is The Black Dahlia. Ten points if you know the name of this woman without watching the movie. Another ten points if you know what a dahlia is and can describe one without looking it up. Go! The move has Aaron Eckhart, but nobody else in whom I am even remotely interested. <yawn>The big names are Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson, and Hilary Swank.</yawn>

         It looks like another sleepless night.

Tags: aaron eckhart, ben kingsley, black dahlia, carrie-ann moss, movies, suspect zero

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