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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Just another day of absurdities
nanowrimo 2010

Outrage         Sadly this is all too true . I am so very tired of both the right and the left being in a constant state of outrage about each other. I have reached the point where I can't watch the news. I have eschewed most news for years, but now I find myself physically sickened by many news programs and almost all commentators. There must be a word for this condition. Some amalgamation of news and gastrointestinal distress seems appropriate... news-eousness? News-pepsia? News-cid reflux? Irritable News Syndrome?

         This can't be unseenZombie dildos. You probably don't even want to consider such a thing. If you do, well, you now have the link — you sick fuck. Oh, waitaminit...I was the one who showed you the link. …Never mind.

         People rant about capitalism getting out of hand— I think I've got a prime example Pain in the ass spiky benchhere: Bum deterrent? My ass!


The Dalai LamaThe simple recognition that everyone else wants to be happy and not to suffer, just as I do, serves as a constant reminder against selfishness and partiality. It reminds us there is little to be gained from being kind and generous while hoping to win something in return. Actions motivated by a desire to earn a good name for ourselves are still selfish, even if they appear to be acts of kindness.

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Sadly, there are dildos worse than zombies...

Thank you for the information. If you would care to elaborate, feel free. Electronically, not in person, thank you...

That is truly terrifying. I've felt, on more than one occasion, that I was being fucked by the administration... but to do it on purpose... to myself?

Maybe it is intended as an offensive (in every sense of the word) weapon?

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