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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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My FB is *GONE*
nanowrimo 2010

         I've done it I've finally committed FaceBook Suicide. T'weren't easy. I had to find the place in my FB account and the place in my LJ account that were interfacing. Took some finding, I must say. My FB account(s) are not a thing of the past. With luck, those who really have an interest will find me here at LJ…the gods themselves know I've been broadcasting the information long enough.

         I have had a rough couple of days at home, and a rough week at FB. I'm tired of the drama, tired of the inanities, insanities, and inhumanities.

         I got a laugh, though, this afternoon and I'm going to post it in a forum created by my friend. Check out p_odj for the Pisser-Offer du jour.

         On other fronts, I've been quite busy with building . I am almost where I want to be insofar as collecting data is concerned. My next foray into programming will be generating reports. Some of that will have to wait until I have enough data to justify reportage.

         I watched this video at TED. The topic is "The Beauty of Data Visualization". It was fascinating to me. It makes me want to find a good graph generator and start putting together statistics. estoud1 created p_odj today, I may create SVDJ (statistical visualization du jour) if I can find enough resources and the proper means to gather meaningful information. At one point in his talk, the speaker mentions that they scraped 10k FaceBook pages for data about break-ups (he has statistics on when they are most likely to happen). While I'm all for privacy, what a fascinating resource for a "social statistician" — I wonder if the APA, APS or even NIMH have such a person on staff?