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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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A great and terrible loss - our Beloved Princess Nickki
nanowrimo 2010


Pampered Puppy Princess

Beloved friend

Princess Nickki, beloved friend
         If there is a special place for beloved pets, Nickki ascended thereunto this morning. After what seemed to be a severe stroke about midnight, she went peacefully to sleep this morning. Nickki was a beloved and pampered Princess of a Phalene belonging to my Sister Janet. Nickki was fifteen years old. Her breed lives to a bitless than that number of years so she might be said to have been one-hundred and five years old.

Pampered Princess Nickki         Nickki came to Janet shortly after the passing of her husband Roger and has been her constant companion since those days. Our home will be noticeably more empty for her absence.

         Janet and I are both hard-hit with Nickki's absence. Jirel, who has always had Nickki around to boss her will now be on her own. I hope she will not get lonely with only me at whom to growl.