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Brace for rant.. I am genuinely fed up

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         Faith has been much on my mind of late. Many people are comforted by the idea that global warming isn't real. That doesn't make this opinion helpful — for the people who think it, or for society. And it certainly doesn't make this opinion true. Faith, however is not a matter of proof. I find therefore arguments that faith is foolish because it can't be proven disingenuous.

         I am willing to stipulate (and I readily acknowledge that many are not) that religious faith lies in the realm of a choice to believe rather than upon scientifically verifiable evidence. So much the worse for science, I suppose. I chose my picture of "evidence" carefully, as I feel entirely too much "evidence" is rubber-stamped because it is what the scientific community chooses to believe. Why then the unwillingness on both sides of the aisle to accept what the other chooses? Why the incredible hostility?

Screaming Hostility         I discuss this for one reason only. Following my posting on FaceBook of two political cartoons depicting an extreme "Republican" view of Jesus and an extreme "Democrat" (read Conservative and Liberal if you prefer) making fun of the fact that both groups seem to want to co-opt Jesus so as to make the "God is on our side" argument, I have been maliciously berated and now actually attacked.

         My FaceBook entries are deceptively mild. Most of the communication took place by private message in FaceBook or by E-mail. I don't know if I should consider these contacts discreet or cowardly. I will choose discreet. Oh, and by the way, I feel like being snotty about this. Many of you who contacted me do not know that discreet means "respectful" or "diplomatic" and that discrete means "separate" or "distinct". I detest being called to task by someone with an inferior vocabulary.

There was one SKYPE phone call that was odious and foul-mouthed in the extreme. I won't go on about what it took to track me down in SKYPE (not that hard) or the incongruity of this self-identifying-Christian berating me by taking the Lord's name in vain. I have been placed on the mailing list of the Christian Coalition and Family Research Council and many unsavory organizations as well. I have removed myself from all of those that have thus far E-mailed me. Messages, E-mails, and phone calls are all bad enough, but I can cope and have done so. However, the hacking of my computer was a step too far. I do not indulge in rage, my health won't stand it. I was sorely tempted.

So stupid it set his hair afire!          I am sending via E-mail to Doug (who will be otherwise unidentified) my evidence of this hack to let him know that I know it was he. I have documented the program (virus) in question (and sent it to an acquaintance in Coral Gables who works for McAffee…some of you insiders will know who I mean), my means of tracking it back to him, and the effect it had on my machine (ultimately none). It tried to delete my Documents and Pictures directories. I wonder why those two and not the whole drive? I have identified Doug's E-mail at FB and at School. I have the name of the President of that institution and his mailing address. I choose not to send information to the College President or its Board of Directors. Honestly, I cannot see that Doug's offense, heinous as I personally regard it, is worth the chance that it might derail his entire life. Doug might make a Priest or an Engineer or whatever one day, I would not want it on my head that he wind up expelled and mopping floors. It was an extremely stupid thing to do. One day he'll pick a victim far more dangerous than I.

         Now, stop it, people. I will not apologize for posting on FB pictures I found quite easily in the public domain on the internet. I recognize no offense, my commentary was political, not religious. I note that I have not had a single Republican or Democrat take me to task for criticizing his party. Are we become as intolerant as the Islamic prohibition against depicting Mohammed? May we depict Jesus only in carefully defined and flattering ways? I just can't express how sad this behavior on the part of my fellow Christians (yes, are you really suprised that I am one of you?) have behaved in such an utterly reprehensible fashion. Get over yourselves, people, they were CARTOONS!

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