Karl (louderback) wrote,

Am I getting lonely?

A lonely man sitting in a darkened hallway

         I am missing my SKYPE contacts. I used to spend at least thirty minutes every day chatting with someone. Now I have conversations, sometimes long ones, only once or twice per week. I guess SKYPE was sort of a fad. I really enjoyed the video chats, but even those who chat with me via voice, rarely do video. I guess it is an idea whose time has not yet come.

         Dropping FaceBook at a time when my SKYPE contacts are tapering off (I wonder if they are being displaced by google voice?) leaves me feeling a bit lonely. Fortunately I have my Ruby studies to keep me occupied. I am also going to try and force some "freewriting" in louderprose and maybe some poetry. You'll find any poems I attempt in louderpoetry. I expect that there'll be little creativity forthcoming, as most of it gets soaked up programming.

         I can't seem to avoid arguments lately. IM–ing a friend in Yahoo yesterday we got into a, well…not an argument, but a discussion at the top of the print, about whether writing Ruby was just scripting or actual programming. What's the difference really? Ruby is an interpretive as opposed to a compiled language but so what?

         I'm going to count this as my "freewriting" for the day.


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