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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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I'm Baaaaaaack...
nanowrimo 2010

I'm Back

         "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, I am free at last!" Not precisely as the Negro Spritual phrased it, but I am in tune with the spirit if not the precise nomenclature.

         Following 27 days of 1853 (average) words per day I have completed my NANOWRIMO Novel. Well, that is imprecise. I have typed 50,035 words of the novel. It is actually about 50% done. My plan was to write 30 chapters of 1k words with a prologue and epilogue around each of about 337 words. That would mean that my 30 trios would add up to 50,040 words. Instead of 30 trios I've written 12 (see Pleonasm) in somewhat wordier fashion.

         I note upon observing my previous paragraph that I remain in "volubility mode" in which I use three words to say what one could do. There I did it again. See?

         The upshot of all this is that now that I have been freed from the ball and chain that is my NANOWRIMO novel, I will be out and about a bit. I plan to visit columbia tomorrow and to hit a coffee shop or two next week. It will be fun to be back on the laptop at CoffeeZone. Damn but I miss that place. I am addicted to their Rocket Fuel and their food too. Maybe I can get there by Monday. Monday is Kona day!

The Home Front

         Since my last post, Sis has had her brain chirurgery (the 17th) for arnold-chiari malformation type 1. The chirurgery lasted about 3 ½ hours. She was awake and comfortable within 2 hours after that. They predicted a four-day hospital stay, but she was able to go home the day after her chirurgery. I keep calling it "chirurgery" because ever since my one experience having my skull hacked open it seems rather medieval to me to go chopping at the head. She has been recovering well enough, but now she and I both have the non-swine flu. I was rather worried for her yesterday. Her fever reached 102 and we couldn't get hold of a damned doctor who would do anything for her. Fortunately I had an old bottle of aciclovir (anti-biotic) and that seems to have killed off her fever. Theoretically, a flu is a virus and an anti-biotic should be ineffective, but it does seem to have worked.

         I now return to my three current writing projects, M.U.S.E., Blood Mage, and Wizard and Wildwood, all tentative titles likely to be changed. Two fantasy and one science fiction. I also have a great many poems to get out of my system. It will be nice to do a little change-up now and then. Writing the same book for 30 days is less pleasant than I remember. I think my attention span is diminishing... "Let's go ride bikes!"

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Hope you both feel better soon! Dave has had the galloping ick too, with the never-ending cough. Ugh. I maintain that the only reason I am not as sick as a dog too is that I take Wellness Formula and irrigate my sinuses twice a day. Or that's what I tell myself! HA!

chances whatever you believe helps helps, nothing beats the power of mind over virus.

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