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Columbia, Arby's and bloodwork

Columbia: The Pillars

Boone County Hospital... It no longer looks much like this. Phlebotomist: not the sarky one.          Today was spent mostly in the City of Columbia, MO, some 30 miles North of my home in Jefferson city. We visited Boone County Hospital so Sis could have her Pre-op exam before her surgery for an Arnold-chiari condition. The exam was pretty routine, EKG, chest X-ray, and about a quart of blood drawn. Sis came near to leveling a sarky phlebotomist.
"You smoked how much?"
"Three or four packs a day for thirty-seven years."
"... and you quit."
"September twenty-third. Of this year."
"Of this year?"
"After thirty-seven years."
"You don't believe me?"
"Yes. We're going to need a blood gas."
"To see if you get enough oxygen to have anaesthesia."
"Uh huh."
Now doubtless this is a legitimate test, but why couldn't she take her at her word? Y'know they were looking for nicotine. Besides, what were they going to do? Tell her she would have to have the brain surgery without anaesthesia? Cheese and crust.

Arby Logo Arby Roast Beef Sandwich          The good news is that Columbia has an Arby's. We stopped there and bought a medium roast beef each. Sis had onion petals and potato cakes. I contented myself with stealing a bit from hers and drinking my green tea. We seem always to have a cooler of green tea in our presence these days whether it is a refrigerator in the house or an Eskimo in the back seat. A sure sign of addiction, I think.
         Arby's is a tradition with us. It has been for quite a long time. There is no Arby's in Jefferson City, though there is rumour of one appearing in the near future.
         I have asked numerous people where it will be, but have not received a definitive answer. The answers seem to center around the old Wal-mart, though. Some think it will be near Kohls (to the west of Wal-mart) or between Wal-mart and Brick House Deli (south of Wal-mart). Of course, there is the occasional outlier who thinks it'll be next to the east end Gerbes.
         Me? I dunno. It doesn't matter. If it is in town, we will sniff it out (maybe literally). No Arby's can hide from my family!
My father started the tradition I think. For years in Washington, MO, dad took my brother and sister (and me when I was in town) to Dairy Queen for a treat. They had good burgers ("Big Brazier"), Dilly Bars, and rarity of rarities in those days, onion rings! They are still the only place in town that has deep fried mushrooms. In any event, Dad abandoned DQ in a flash when an Arby's opened up where he worked. He started bringing home roast beef sandwiches for supper and we kids lapped 'em up like he had brought home the nectar of the gods. Well, in fact, what's the difference... they were that good.
Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng Gallon Size

         Alas I have begun to babble. Sis is cleared for her surgery on the 17th. I will probably stay in Columbia until she gets out of hospital. The doctor predicts three or four days of recovery time. We have to find a ride to Columbia. That is probably taken care of at this point. We have then to find a way home, as she won't be allowed to drive afterward. That has still to be sorted out, but shouldn't be a problem.

         I am at 20k words on my NANOWRIMO novel as of today, that's about 3 days ahead of goal. I need to be ahead as I got little writing done today (though I'm going to try and get some going this evening). I suspect my time in Columbia while Sis recuperates will be fairly unproductive too. We'll see!


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