Karl (louderback) wrote,

Neglectful as always

I haven't posted much here of late, but if you follow me on facebook you have a fairly good idea of what I've been up to. I have spent a lot of time at CoffeeZone writing up a storm. Well, I've written about 2k per day, that being my "practice goal" while gearing up for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth in November.

I have four works in progress at the moment.

The first is a science fiction story that I will describe as philosophical explorations of the implications of a device somewhat like the "holo suite" in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Loosely based. I call it MUSE for Malleable Universe Simulation Equipment. I expect it to be about a 10k-word exploration. Not that deep, y'know?

My second project is one I've been thinking about a long time and have failed to execute successfully on at least three past occasions and under a variety of circumstances. It is called Blood Mage. This guy is no Dumbledore as you might well guess from the title. I've always hated the fact that wizards were always frail skinny old men who would topple over backwards if they tried to lift a sword. The main character of this story is the antithesis of that, young, fit, a skilled swordsman, and a mage.

Project three is for NANOWRIMO. I have decided that this year, in order to reach my 50k-word goal, I'm going to write 30 vignettes of about 1k each. I'll surround each with an epilogue and prologue. Essentially I get 338 words for a prologue, 1k for the vignette, then 338 words for the epilog. Doing it this way, I get my 1667 words per day (1667x30=50,010) and a trifle more. I have already created an outline of sorts that describes each of the vignettes and proposes means for each epilogue/prologue to link to the next story. It is almost 5k words that will not be a part of my NANOWRIMO novel. So that's not cheating, right?

The fourth project I'll keep to myself for a while. I just call it Humphrey. It is my first excursion into a genre new to me.

I'm working on another project that doesn't involve much writing as yet. I am transcribing a serially executed novel by the local writer's group. I'm scanning some pages, transcribing others, and when I'm done, I'll add a chapter. I'll put the finished product on a pen drive and subsequent contributors can work with the full document in electronic form when it comes their turn to add a chapter.

I've had trouble getting started writing today. At CoffeeZone I'd have hit my 2k goal by now. Here at home it is harder. Even this diary entry is part of my cat waxing activities.

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