Karl (louderback) wrote,

The Art of Parties

I ran from the whirling bright-lit world
to a place of quiet and sharing.
I found me some rest in silence furled
and surcease from caring.

My life in a world of noise and light
left me damaged and sore and guarding.
My mind was consumed with fancied flights
musing the art of parties.

When rapid motion is all the world,
and needful speed prevents you caring,
seek out silent fields in gentle light -
let your thoughts go faring.

small cake and finely cut bread

Signs of civility abound
skirts like clouds of mist all whirling.
My heart lifts at the orchestral sound
and I find my spirit freed, unbound.

The flash of light on polished sterling,
odors, sweet aromas that go to my head,
banners bright in the breeze unfurling,
warmth and courtesy 'round me curling.

There's naught I would have in their stead
gallantry, amenity, the world around me
seen in evidence of no stronger thread
than a small cake and finely cut bread.

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