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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Voice Post
nanowrimo 2010
407K 2:09
“Hello again everyone. I am most apologetic for my, embarrassingly emotional display yesterday. It was all in entirely too, too theatrical. I apologize but I, I thank you for the many out pouringa of good wishes and all the offers of help of various kinds, I'm very grateful. That aside, the packing of books continues. I haven't slept, that was not really going to be an option. Life goes on. I, I find that, oddly enough, listening to the third book in the Dexter series. Dexter if you don't know, it is a show time program series that features a serial killer, one who only kills bad people. It's kind of a long convoluted tale, but I don't know something about serial murder in the name of good just helped improve my mood. What can I say? Actually I really have nothing else to say today. Thank you all again and I do sincerely apologize. Goodbye.”

Transcribed by: louderback

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