Karl (louderback) wrote,

More Friends Lost

         I had a Hellish day today. I guess it was lucky I had this card. I got an unpleasant telephone call this morning about 9:00 am. I was pretty down to begin with and had been sleeping or nearly sleeping all day just to avoid getting up. After the call I just went back to bed and didn't actually get up until around 9:00 pm.

         When I moved to Miami in '80, I didn't make a lot of friends right away. By '84 or '85 I had an assortment of "work friends" and "hanging out" friends. My "work friends" were pretty much lunch-time buddies and someone to chat with around the proverbial water cooler (actually a coffee pot). My "hanging out" friends were more like movie and dinner companions. There were around six of us and we got pretty tight. Sadly after about '86 I lost track of all of 'em. That's when I got involved with my movie fan club. I've regaled most of you about the BBI at considerable length so I won't explain it all over. My pre-86 friends kind of went by the wayside in '86 because I got interested in fandom and the members of the movie fan club (the BBI) weren't of the same ilk as my other friends. It's too bad, they were great people.

         The phone call this morning was from Rhonda Lintz, the one female in that group. How she found my phone number is beyond me, but she did. I recognized her voice instantly, and jumped, almost literally, for joy. Unfortunately her news was bad. Brady, John, Barry, and Glover were out drinking two nights ago and were broad-sided by an 18-wheeler. She said it was the truck driver's fault, but the fact that they had been drinking was probably going to make it wind up looking like they did something wrong.

         We commiserated a while. She caught me up on her life, married, a son, working mom at the local Wal-mart, husband that I had never met is a lawyer. We exchanged e-mails, cell phone numbers, facebook id's and I gave her my journal's address. I didn't give her much detail about my life. She didn't need to be bummed further.

         I haven't any pictures of the guys. I wish I had and could write a proper memorial page for them. I can't. I do have to tell one story that some of you may have heard before. It's about Glover. Glover is a tall skinny black guy with a frame almost like Jimmie Walker (the Dyn-o-mite! guy from "good times"). We used to kid him about the resemblance. He hated it. That made it all the much more inevitable. Well, glover was so much one of the guys that I had an unusual experience. One of my "work" friends saw me out with the crowd. He came 'round and said hello (we were waiting in line at the movies) and cut the line to come in with us. We saw the movie together and then split up. The next day he asked me "Who was that black guy you were with?" I looked puzzled. He said, "The tall skinny dude." I was still puzzled because that described John, Barry, and Glover. "You know, the black guy." It suddenly dawned on me that Glover was black. We had hung out so long that the fact stopped registering on me. I told the guys about it and we all just fell over laughing. Glover pretended to be offended and did his best Malcolm X impression for the rest of the evening.

         I've been out of touch with those guys for 23 years, but I feel the loss as sharply as though it had happened before my eyes. Today sucked.


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