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I had a very bad day today

I had a very bad day today. Today was the first day of the garage sale. Bad things happened.

  • I woke tired and checked my blood sugar. 46. Checked it again with my other meter. 46. Not good. Dead people have better blood glucose levels. I slammed some OJ and had breakfast. I still felt lousy, and actually fell asleep again between OJ and eating.
  • Woke up from a nerve-wracking dream I don't remember.
  • Tried to disassemble the big corner desk in my room and failed. Fell asleep from exhaustion. My family woke me (on the floor) and my cousin helped me continue disassembly. This involved dropping the desk on my shins and the complete destruction of the desk (now flinders instead of a garage sale item).
  • I visited Dr. DuDu. No fun at all. He did the acupuncture thingie and didn't really help my back at all. No surprise, as I didn't expect a dramatic result in a single treatment. He is helping me quite a bit. It is just taking longer than I want.
  • On the way home I stopped at Dr. Jujube's office and demanded another appointment. My vision is a problem. My hearing is a problem. I am fighting some battle in which I'm losing and I don't know the rules. I must make some dramatic changes. My level of energy is pathetic. Literally.
  • Picked up lunch for the crew running the garage sale. Burgers, hot dogs, chips and cold-cuts. Not a bad deal. Was lambasted when I got home because I forgot to get a 3-pound can of coffee.
  • Returned to the store for coffee and a gallon of milk. On return I fell asleep in my chair. Crashed for about an hour.
  • My sortofa-nephew Eric brought his sons Eric and Cire (pronounced curry and yes, it is Eric backwards). The boys are my two favourite kids in the world (Sorry Wulf, I like you too!) and Eric the father is one of my favorite people and has been since he was about three. He helped me assemble the new desk (he actually did it for me, I just stood around and did my best to look helpful). After which I collapsed in exhaustion and slept another hour. Are y'all beginning to see a pattern here? I gave Eric the Younger my old computer games (let's see, Call to Power II, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Airport Tycoon, Imperialism, Pharaoh, Zeus, Caesar III, Civilization, Colonization, some sucky board games and solitaire stuff. I have his dad Road Rash. All the Erics were pleased.
  • Waking approximately in time for supper, I snarfed a cajun roast beef sandwich and upgraded my memory from 256m to 384m. This involved setting my cpu and monitor back on my desk, plugging them in and booting the system. I slept afterward quite unintentionally, in my chair. This is becoming my most common sleeping spot.
  • I woke not long ago and find myself filled with prose but unable to stay awake. I'm going back to bed. This is not natural. It sucks. Doctors Jujube, Aruba, DuDu and whoever is reading this. Do something!

I go now to my long sleep. Well, maybe about four hours.

Damn! I really wanted to expound today on SC awsome might. You'll be surprised where it goes. It's all done, I just have to transcribe it from my brain to Badvogato.


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