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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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facebook and hospital
nanowrimo 2010

         Well, here it is, Friday the 13th. The only news since my last post is big news. The daily stuff has been so minor and uninteresting I haven't been able to bring myself to report it. I guess the one minor piece of news is that I have finally established a meaningful (is that possible) presence on facebook. I've been there for ages but never so much as updated the pages. Search Karl Robert Louderback.

         The big news is pretty big. On Tuesday the 24rd of February I was having trouble breathing, wheezing, feeling really exhausted. I thought it was bronchitis or just a bad cold. I called my M.D. Dr. Biller but he was full up on Tuesday and Wednesday was his day off. I made an appointment for Wednesday. Overnight I seemed to get worse, just couldn't sleep and called my allergist Dr. Horney. Breathing problem... allergist... within the realm, right? He saw me Wednesday morning, found I had high blood pressure and a really high heart rate. He did an ekg and ordered a cardiac enzyme study. He decided I should go home, take it easy and wait for the results. Sadly those didn't come back until the next morning. At 8:00 on Thursday the 26th the Doc called and said to go to the hospital. I checked in at the emergency room and was in bed 30 minutes later.

         Many, many medications later they had reduced my heart rate from 165 to 78 and my BP from 160/110 to 125/80. My newly appointed cardiologist Dr. Stitch decided to keep me over the weekend and do a cardiac catheterization on Monday. This happened without a hitch and while they were in there they put in two stents. The procedure was done under some sort of light anesthesia. They tell me I was awake, but I don't remember anything. I experienced no pain during or after. The catheterization involves running a long flexible tube, like a hose up a major artery and directly into the heart. They then inject dye and look for blockages. If they find some they put in stents. A stent is essentially a small tube that fits inside an artery to hold it open. In some cases they put it in place and expand it so to as make the artery bigger. I got 2 stents.

         My energy is very low... meaning I am tired all the time and have little initiative, but that is not much of a change from before.

         More another day.