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Lots of words little meaning


         Since I posted my last entry I've really done nothing but sleep in my sleepless not really awake hypnagogic fashion. You'd think that would leave me with nothing to write about but, perhaps, a dream. <sigh>I've had none worthy of note.</sigh> I arose in the early hours to begin this. That was at midnight, it is now after 19:39. I detest that it is such a slow process for me to compose so few words. On the other hand, I suppose it shows that Vista has some virtues at least — in the last few versions of windows I wouldn't have had much success leaving an application like an editor open for a full 18 hours…

Flow Chart

         <rant>I'm flirting once again with OpenOffice. Specifically, I am playing with the Draw tool.

Now, for years, I have wanted something that would tie a diagram like the one on the left to a story. Those of you who've been around the computer-centric world (OK, old-school programmers and their ilk) will recognize the pic as a flow chart.

Having spoken with a few friends, I gather that flow chart have been divorced from code or any form of words for some time now and have been relegated to the antique world of process flow, plumbing design, and factory floor process optimization — all of which can now be done "better" by a computer.

I would love to bring the flow chart to my writing, connect it to my text. If I could assemble my stories using such a format I'd be in heaven. Each box could represent a chapter, and some sub-boxes might represent points of divergence or "high points" within a chapter. Arrows could show where words or actions foreshadowed connect to that which they indicate and prevent "loose ends". If arrows are "attached" and remain so when boxes are moved, and if text moved with the boxes within your text document, it would be an excellent way to revise to ensure clarity and correct a variety of writing errors.

What I'd like is to type my text into an editor as usual, but use a flow-chart-like tool to somehow identify the text associated with a box. The boxes might show only a chapter number, a first line, or some arbitrary notation, that doesn't matter to me, only that the drawing and text be somehow connected.

Why won't someone write me this tool? </rant> If I was still a programmer I'd try to write it for myself. *looks pathetic* hak hak cough… trails off weakly…

         In other news I hear that they are making yet another Punisher movie. Gaak. The first one pleased only fans and seems to have had no elements of the comic in it. The second, which ignored the existence of the first movie and was therefore called a remake and not a sequel seems to have incorporated some elements of the comic and to have had actual actors— that seems to have pleased a small segment of the general public but to have offended the fans somehow. Now they're making another one. This one ignores both the previous movies, is neither a sequel nor a remake, but a "reboot". That is a word I don't like being heard in connection with a movie. I gather the latest Friday the 13th is a "reboot" too, meaning that continuity has been thrown to the wind and all bets are now off. I wonder if we'll have another series of 10 movies diverging from this new "rebooted" starting point? I pray it doesn't work. I don't want to see a "reboot" of Star Wars Episode IV. I don't even want a remake.

         A movie I do want to see is "Taken". Liam Neeson has not disappointed me yet. It sounds suspiciously like an action-y rehash (rehash, reboot, remake, why do all of these terms start with "re" except sequel?) of Mel Gibson's "Ransom" or any of that "You can't make me, I'll make you!" ilk. Ick. I just had a vision of Yakov Smirnoff spouting, "In Soviet Russia, Blackmailer pays you!"

         My sugars have been outrageous today because I have been grazing continuously. Maybe I should take up smoking so as to have an oral fixation other than food. Gaah. I wish such a thing as an appetite suppressant existed (besides crack, I mean).

         I have begun to blather again. More tomorrow.


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