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Pleonasm... I'm not sure why...

         It's been a while since last I wrote. You know what that means… lots of peculiar images gleaned from the web and a pleonasm on my part. Given the sound of the word I think that should feel better than it does. To my readers who receive this as an RSS feed I apologize for the pictures you don't see and the words you do.

         Well, we are fully an Obamanation at this point. I swear if I hear one more instance of "this-is-the-first-time-a-black-president-has-shit-on-this-particular-toilet" journalism I will upchuck. I am also tired of the Lincoln/Obama comparisons. Yes, they both had hair, teeth, and testicles (presumably), but I don't care!. Maybe Caroline Kennedy does too! Sheesh! It doesn't matter! Can we have some news? People are fighting and dying in the war! Coca Cola is cornering the bottled water market! Ceos (does that need an apostrophe?) are overpaid! How about filling us in on just exactly what all this money being thrown around is actually going to do. So far, all I've heard of the bank bailout is that it is being given to the same people who proved they couldn't manage money. The stimulus package seems to be more of the same. And, for pity's sake, can we stop with the Bush jokes? It's over. Get a grip! Move on!

         As to jokes, can we let Phelps and his crew off the hook too? I mean really. Besides he is special. Check out my entry of 2008/08/21.

         My life is not special of late. I have been savagely bummed of late for no particular reason. A good reason to be bummed, however, does exist. I'm having great trouble keeping my diet, weight, and blood glucose under control. 200's in the morning and 300-350 during the day is not unusual. I'm taking 4 shots of 30+mg of quick acting (Humalog) insulin everyday and 80 or 90 mg of Levemir at night. This is still leaving my Blood glucose high all day long. Of course, it is because I am eating like a horse. My doc (neuro) upped my depakote (for seizure and neuropathy) from 3.5k to 5k per day. When I pointed out to him that it was making me intolerably floopy (that means you feel floppy, but with more "oops" involved) all day he lowered it to 4k of depakote & 150mg of oxcarbazepin. I am still intolerable sleepy. And hungry. And floopy. I do not wish to live my every day perpetually thirsty and perpetually hungry. It sucks.

Udder Balm Ointment Bag Balm Ointment

         On the insulin front, I have had to buy some "udder balm" to rub into my belly. Yeah, it's called udder balm. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Get it over with us and let's move on. It is reducing the "track marks" I'm getting on my belly from the fucking 5-times-a-day insulin injections. I'm going to have to move on to arms soon (hate that, it hurts) or to my things (hate that, pulling my pants down and injecting myself just don't go together in my mind). Surprisingly, udder balm is working pretty well. A bit on the greasy, but it seems to be improving my hands as well as my belly. For what it's worth the alternative was "bag balm" and I just don't want to go there. Grow up!

         My vision has taken an odd turn. While my blood glucose is out I'm told that my vision should be worse. In fact it seems a bit better. I am able to read with slightly less contrast than usually. I am watching TV with less contrast too. Surely a comfort to my Sis who must endure my settings. My old infocus projector, a replacement by circuitous city for an earlier infocus projector that threw craps, threw craps last month. <sigh>I bought a cheap replacement (epson) without realizing just how cheap it is.</sigh> Despite my 42" monitor, I am going to need something larger soon. I guess I'll have the old projector repaired. It'll probably be cheaper than trying to buy a bigger TV/monitor.

         My finances, unlike many others, aren't completely in the toilet. Sis and I have been paying off credit card debt and are in "good" shape. I used a "credit calculator" and fed in incomes individually and separately with various debts and credit cards distributed appropriately and we both scored right where we should be ("good") separately or together. I'm hoping to eliminate all credit card debt later this year then max it out buying a new (maybe my last?) computer - a Mac. Wish me luck on that one.

         I have a novel in progress. I won't go on about it, but it is science-fiction and sort of internally self-anthologizes three stories covering over 30k years of human history. It is at 140k words at the moment and I am stuck. <sigh>My internal Editor has reared his ugly head and instead of writing and finishing the book I am revising and editing as I go along.</sigh>

         As a consequence of all my novelizing I have written almost no poetry since November (the novel started with NANOWRIMO). I need to do that, it is a necessary release for my system. In Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" Jubal Harshaw was said to need to write lest he become spiritually constipated. I think I must drizzle out my poetry for similar reasons. Would that I could do so in similar fashion or at least circumstances to the good Jubal.

         I've begun to blather so I'm going to quit now. More tomorrow.

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