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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Projector and whining

         "Help! Help! I'm bein' repressed!" The python-esque aside, I do feel repressed of late. I feel like a lot of things are piling up on me. A lot of them are nothing about which I can do anything. Needless worry is by definition needless, but I am not so rational that I can avoid it. Oh to be a Vulcan. Except for the mating once every seven years thing. I think that would suck. I've had a few too many exceptional expenses lately, a few too many medical bills, a few too many of just about everything. Why don't I ever get a few too many strokes of good luck?

         Bad luck du jour: the projector broke. Since the projector is the only TV in the house that means no TV until it is repaired. Rather than subject myself and my Sis to that again. I just went out and bought a cheap replacement. The projector I bought initially, almost 4 years ago was an infocus high-end model. It ceased to function after 2 years and Circuit City (We hates them, Precious) replaced it with a clearly inferior model. That lasted about 2 years and just ceased functioning. I will try to have it repaired later, but I don't want to spend days rambling about Jefferson City and Columbia finding someone who will repair it. The projector I now have is a step down from either of those, but it was cheap. When I get myself into a situation where I have two working projectors, I'll use one for my computer and one for watching TV. Then I'll save up for a really good projector again and start over. What I'll do with a 3rd projector I don't really know. Maybe put it in my bedroom so I can watch TV in bed?

         More later, probably.