Karl (louderback) wrote,

Seizure and Mac

A skeletal figure collapsed across a computer desk waiting for a response.

         I've been a couple of days in posting because I've been sleuthing. Slowly. Slowly sleuthing, that's what I've been doing. I've been seeking a virus. <digression>I will be sooooo intently grateful to get a mac and get out of this endless cycle of formatting my entire hard drive and reinstalling the virus-friendly operating system to make it usable again.</digression> I haven't actually found the culprit, but my system, which had slowed rather awfully, is almost up to speed again. I thought that in the spring of 2008 I would have bought a Mac. Then came car payments. Then came $4.00 gas. Then came collisions and insurance deductibles. <sigh>I've given up the idea of buying a mac desktop.</sigh> I've decided that I'm going for a mac laptop. I haven't decided which one, but chances are it will cost about two-thirds of what I'd pay for the mac pro and will serve me as well. No matter what size laptop I buy I won't be able to use the screen, so I will use it as a desktop connected to my 42" monitor and my standard keyboard here at home, and will take it on the road with vast magnification and screen reader in full bloom (on those rare occasions when I would take a computer anywhere).

Man stealing another man's wallet during a seizure.

         I've also been hampered by the fact that I've been feeling awful. I had a significant seizure at midnight between the 20th and 21st. <digression>Which midnight is that? Friday or Saturday? I've always wondered if there was a definitive answer for that and who decided.</digression> At any rate, I fell about midnight. I slammed my head against the floor repeatedly. I was unable to yell loud enough to rouse my Sis so I just lay there after the seizure until I could get up. I crawled out to the 'puter and stayed online at Walkers in Darkness where people were very kind to me by keeping me awake. When Sis got up at 1:00 to go to work I asked her to call in and stay home. She kept me awake and moving until 7:00 when I felt like it was OK to take a nap.

         I feel like I have a full body sprain at this point, but I went to see Dr. Biller and checked out OK today. I'm nervous that I couldn't rouse Sis when I fell (you'd think the sound of me falling would do that!) or later by yelling. I confess, though, I may not have been yelling very loud. The picture that accompanies this is of a man picking the pocket of a man having a seizure. Whoulda thunk it. Hence forward, I will forth into the malls and the streets with my wallet booby trapped. Pick pockets of Jefferson City, take notice!

         I mean, really, is that low or is that low?

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