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My age has started a real furor. Evidently half of Badvogato reads this journal as well as Badvogato Diaries. NuniaBiz' comment has sparked enough interest that someone actually read through the entire homestead site and my two facelink pages to track down my phone number. Mind boggling.

Ok. I was born in 1938 in the tiny little village of Lauterbach in Bavaria. Yes, the coincidence of names is no coincidence. My ancestor Gerd Lauterbach settled down by the water and began a blacksmith business. His descendants did not move until 1953 when at the age of 15 I emigrated to the US. They didn't name the pathetic little dorf after us, we were there first so we got to pick the name.

No, I don't speak with a German accent (unless I've had too much to drink), and yes, I do still speak German. I'm told I have an ugly American accent, though. I have not spoken German as my primary language since the '50s.

No. My hair style is not any sort of political statement. SoulCatcher may be a fascist, I am no worse than annoying. I shave my head fairly regularly and have come to regard hair as an unnecessary appurtenance and an abberation. There is a reason I shave my head that I do not typically divulge. I'll make you the same offer I've made everyone else, if you correctly guess the reason I'll admit it to you.

No, I don't don't look my age. No, the picture on LiveJournal isnot an old picture. It was taken in 1999 -- for me that is fairly recent. The picture at homestead is from the '80s. I am lighter and shorn (important distinction -- I am not bald , I am shorn - I have hair I just don't use it.) and I will put a new picture on the sites over the weekend.

Why does anyone care?


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