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In the queue for 24 hours and two movies...

A massive heap of dirty dishesNo, that's not my actual heap of dirty dishes. It's not far off… but it's not mine. I've been miserably miserable for the last 40 hours or so. I've spent most of that sleeping with only the occasional break for something resembling sentience. The rest of the time has been spent in the bathroom. After nearly ten years on metformin and suffering the attendant diarrhea, a normal bowel movement leaves me inspecting the bowl after a normal bowel movement wondering if I'll find a telephone pole in there. Who would have thought I'd be nostalgic for such a thing? Is there a word for the quality of a movement? Coprodensity? Fecaviscosity? Poosquishyness?

         Better not to think on it really.

A bald man yawning

         Sleeping for 30 or more of the last 40 hours has been uncommonly pleasant. I haven't really slept all that time, much of my sleep was a sort of day-dreamy waking sleep state. I found it almost as restful as "real" sleep.

         I'm not precisely sure what "real" sleep is, but I know I don't get it often these days. I'm very curious about the effect on me of my recent near-hibernation. Perhaps I'm resetting some circadian rhythm. I know that the habit of rising at 1:00 when my sister goes to work has not worked out well for me. Separated sleep periods of about four hours has become my norm and I just don't feel well with it. I keep trying to sell myself on continuing in this vein but I think it is a failure.

         The prime impediments to my keeping normal hours are that I wanted to have at least one meal with Sis and that I did not want to have to be quiet for hours after she goes to bed. The meal we can have one way or another. Being quiet just isn't that bad.

Sean Farris in Never Back Down

         This journal has been open on my desktop for more than 24 hours. I think that may be a record. Generally it takes me about 90 minutes to 2 ½ hours to write my entries. This one began in the early hours (1:00 or 2:00) yesterday and has just lingered.

         In the intervening time I've watched Never Back Down. It is a vapid "beat on them until they respect you for not beating on them anymore" movie. I had hoped for more from it as it was the recommendation (you know who you are — shame on you). Essentially it is just the usual boy meets girl;boy gets beat up; boy loses girl; boy gets beat up; girl meets different boy; boy beats up some other boy;girl returns to boy; arch-nemeses fight it out in a parking lot to a leering crowd and then everyone goes home move. You know the formula.

Ray Harryhausen version of a cyclops

         I've also watched the science fiction channel's b-movie Cyclops. It is execrable. I am aware that the science fiction channel is putting out b-movies all a-purpose and with full knowledge of their quality. This fell short of that b-level. The production values were actually acceptable. The monster looked and moved well-enough for my "willing suspension of disbelief"-trained brain. The story was fairly awful and left you with the feeling, in several places, "why the Hell did they do that?" I suspect editing flubbery. Eric Roberts, perhaps not an A-list actor, but still an actor with a long history of good performances failed to produce in this weakling of a film. I couldn't find a picture of the science fiction channel's Cyclops, but this artwork is almost as good. Tell you anything?

         I've blathered too long. More later today, perhaps.


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