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Sleep and Drugs and writer's block

Bill of Rights DayToday is the Ides of December, National Bill of Rights Day since 1941. Go out and exercise your third amendment rights. Cast out those troops they're quartering in your spare room! People fail to realize what a sweeping document the Bill of Rights really is. Well people other than militant militia nut-jobs who can't speak without quoting the document. Well, that is unfair. They do that only on Law & Order. In real life I am sure they are much more nearly sane. Stereotypes abound and that is a common one. I recall during the riots in Seattle in 2000, the newscasters were getting their gleeful yoicks snickering at how organized the self-proclaimed "anarchists" were. One such even granted an anonymous interview and called the interviewer a fool. "Anarchist doesn't mean disorganized or random › it means we don't believe in one form of government you fool." The interview ended abruptly. I'm amazed at how often people don't know what they're talking about and keep talking. I shouldn't be. I do it myself often enough.

Writers Block
         I am officially "writer's blocked". After a 3k word start I am stuck. I'm going to work hard on getting unstuck. I really like the characters and the story in my Warrior Mage story idea. I need to get it to a point where it is more than an idea and an actual story with a defined middle and end as well as a beginning. I need to define a couple of characters. The story definitely needs a side-kick and at least two villains.

         I am becoming quite a fan of Legend of the Seeker. I think the first season is over, as they showed the first episode again today, but I hope it will continue. I mention it at this point because I want to include some seeker-esque elements in my own story. If you're going to plagiarize you might as well plagiarize from the best. Terry Goodkind is one of the best (if sales is an indicator).

Legend of the Seeker         I would like to have my mage on a seeker-ish quest, but something more personal, perhaps fatalistic. A doomed quest of vengeance or some such. On the lighter side, maybe his side-kick can be a healer or priest/priestess with a chance to redeem him. There is already a bit of built-in intrigue.

         I think I'll move my story out of NaNoWriTool, the editor I'm using now into Celtx which is actual screenwriting software. N-tool has the advantage of being very simple with no distracting formatting issues such as you have with Word. Also, I love the fact that it displays a word count as you type. I wish all word processors did that. Celtx is still fairly simplistic in its formatting, but auto formats as a screenplay. I do not envision Warrior Mage (gotta get a better title) as a screenplay, but as a novel, but the difference in writing tools may jar me out of my lethargy.

         I've been a bit depressed today. My Levemir arrived, but I forgot that it did so and did not take it on time. I am not going to take it late in the day. Insulin in my system after 17:00 seems to keep me awake. That's the last thing I need. I may more or less double-dose tomorrow by taking a shot of Levemir and Humalog both at 1:00 and 17:00 tomorrow. That should put me back in control if I can keep my diet reasonable. My depression, lately, seems tied to my blood sugar. I haven't found any anecdotal evidence (or any) on the web but it doesn't seem an unreasonable hypothesis that when my blood glucose is high my spirits are low.

         I have been piling on the Depakote of late. It has helped with my neuropathy but not enough. I think the fact that my feet begin to burn and twitch after four hours no matter how drugged I am is part of my depression. I simply can't get more than about 4 hours sleep at a time. I don't know how big a deal that really is. I've read a few articles about segmented sleep that indicate it may not be a big deal.

         I'm typed out. G'night all.

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