Karl (louderback) wrote,

Robinson and Writing

         I've been writing again. Gods be praised. The latest is a story about a warrior/mage. I'm on my old kick of "why can't a mage be a warrior too". I just hate the stereotypical Gandalf-y mage and the fact that a mage can't be young, healthy, or competent with a weapon other than a staff. With luck I'll be able to make this work. I'm only a few hundred words into it but I will try and be diligent in turning it into more than just a story idea. You'll find it at Louderprose. The title will be Warrior Mage or some such until I come up with a real title. Please forgive me the awful names. I actually use a random name generator once I decide to keep a story. Believe it or not the random generators generate names that, crappy as they tend to be, are better than mine. The names will all change once I've had time to run 'em through a generator. Character names have long been my nemesis. I don't know that they are really all that bad, but I just don't like the ones I devise. I'm ok at place names or at least like the ones I come up with.

         I have been re-introduced to Edwin Arlington Robinson. I have been a fan for years without knowing it. My last few hours were spent reading and re-reading his works as collected at Bartleby's. I'll be writing a few pieces tonight and tomorrow in the vein of his works The House on the Hill and Minniver Cheevy. The former is an example of Terza Rima and the latter is a villanelle. Terza Rima is a relatively easy form, but villanelles are hard (for me at least). I will try for the next two days to come up with a single really good villanelle.
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