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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Out of games
Doctor Doom


         I can't say, I just eschew vegetation. I guess there are times when the lizard in my hindbrain asserts himself. I know I have been subject to a host of cravings of late. The more insulin I inject, the hungrier I get and the more rampant and varied my cravings. I wonder if this is a common side-effect?

         On the subject of cooking, I have collected nearly sixty recipes to try. I have to start cooking from scratch again. Lately I have done little more complex than broil a boneless skinless chicken breast or a steak. That's barely cooking at all.

         I've found recipes for mushroom casserole, "Mexican manicotti" and shrimp primavera that I want to try. I just need to find the ambition. I certainly don't lack the time.

         I need to find a new game for the computer. I've canceled my City of Villains and WoW accounts. I simply wasn't playing. Spore stopped working over a week ago and resists all my efforts to revive it. I will call tech support, but that almost never works. I resurrected an old copy of Europa Universalis III, but am not really having much fun with it. There are so few pc-based strategy games out there, and only a few of those are ones that I like even a little.

         More later, perhaps.