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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Last-minute post
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Today's guests are not unexpected

         I have been expecting today's guests, though I haven't prepared for them in any way. <sigh>Perhaps I should have.</sigh>

         The morning will be taken up with some coffee at the local Dunn Bros. Coffee shop. It is not the greatest coffee in the world, but the place is comfortable and close. Its greatest virtue is that it is not my house. I don't often get the urge to get out of the house, but it has been strong of late.

         My pursuit of a laptop is in higher gear now. I am pursuing two different options. I hope to have something usable after xmas.

         I have given up the idea of ever owning another desktop computer. I am just going to get a macbook and plug it into my keyboard and monitor. I think most laptops are on a par for speed and drive space with my current desktop anyway.

         Well, the day has ended. My visitors have come and gone. It was unexpectedly pleasant to see them. Mostly visitors, even welcome ones, are a trial for me. Today was an exception.

         Coffee this morning turned out to be breakfast at Perkins Pancake house. It was ok. I had the eggs benedict as I so often do. I don't know why that is my favorite breakfast when eating "out". It is easy enough to make at home. I do so, in fact.

         Part of what made my day a good one is that I haven't checked my blood sugar or given myself an injection all day. Yeah. I know. But once in a while I have to take a day off and it probably won't kill me. <sigh>My visit to the endocrinologist tomorrow will probably be screwed up because of it. </sigh>