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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Post turkey day
nanowrimo 2010

     I intended this as a Turkey Day post. <sigh>Behind again!</sigh>

Well, it's Turkey Day again…

         I've little to report today. So naturally, this will wind up being a long post.*grin*

         The prius is back from the shop. $6400 of repairs to settle the issue of who wins in a 10-point buck vs. prius match. The prius won, but I regard it as a pyrrhic victory. Three trips to the body shop in 3 months has drained the family's savings and enervated both of us. I just hope for a minimal increase in insurance this January when the renewal is due.

         A cousin is coming by Saturday with an old family friend. Both the cousin and the friend used to work with my Dad at the phone company. It will be pleasant enough to see them, I suppose. Visiting anyone seems to be a trial these days unless in the most restricted one-on-one mode I can manage. The reason for the visit is to collect my mother's genealogy books.

         It hurts to give them up. I have harbored illusions for years (even before Mom's passing) of taking the contents of those books and putting them into some sort of software program. I've bought a couple of those. I've also wanted to get all those pictures and old documents scanned in and preserved on CD or DVD. It hasn't happened. I guess that it was never really in the cards. I liked having the illusion, though.

         I know my cousin will get some use of the books and documents, that's why I'm turning them over to her. It is just a little sad. Mom treasured those books. I have little of my mother's left. Family fades away, even one with so long a history as my own.