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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Maximum Suckage

This is NOT my prius… but it's close

         I'm having a bad 3rd quarter. Which is not to denigrate how much things must suck for my Sis, but yeesh. Three trips to the body shop since July and none of them Sis's fault have cost us $1.5k in deductibles. I have no idea what my insurance premium will be in January.

         At 2:30 yesterday morning a 10-point buck decided to cross Highway 50 in Jefferson City, MO. It managed to cross the highway from North to South, but couldn't cross the Southern barrier. Bouncing back off that barrier it encountered Sis on her way to work. Nothing much she could do. <sigh>What would you do if a deer fell out of the sky onto your car?</sigh> Thank the gods, she was unhurt. She rode home with a cop while I called the wrecker service and let her work know she wouldn't be in. They were thrilled. Sis came home and sprinkled glass all over the house. When she took off her coat, you could hear the stuff falling all around her. The pile where she set down her purse was too big for the sweeper to handle. She had to shower to get it all out of her hair. For all of that, she was completely unhurt.

         Waiting for the official estimate is nerve wracking. The guy at the body shop said he thought "Bunny" (we named our prius after Bunny Swan from MadTV) was not totaled. <sigh>He also said to expect 2 weeks of body work and a bill of more than $10k.</sigh> It's always good news and bad news isn't it?

         This has pretty much wiped out savings. Property taxes this year are going to be paid late. With all the flu-related visits and the chiropractor bills, the doctors are going to be paid late too. I hate being on a fixed income.

         I'm sick. Sis is sick. The dogs are limping (what's up with that for the Gods' sake?). Work sucks. Retirement sucks. Suckage is at an extreme level today. I think I'm going to buy a lottery ticket.

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If it helps...

I just made it to space finally.

Been too busy with life, work, and such to play often ;P

Hope things start to look up a bit.

I've been in space a while now, but I am finding it to hard for me to play, even on the easy levels. I just can't make enough money to improve my fleet before everyone is at war with me.

I'm a slow player at best (hampered by vision) so things may or may not improve as I get the hang of stuff.

I'm sorry things are so sucky, hon. I'm glad she is not hurt. Good news, bad news, as you said.

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