Karl (louderback) wrote,

Not writing worth a damn

Of course I've got the flu.

         Sis has the flu, so, of course, I must have it too. I get everything she brings home about 3 days after she does. Seems like her workplace is worse than an elementary school for passing around the latest bug. To retaliate I bought her birthday presents (11/11); A Dexter poster, a sampler pack of Vampire wine, and a key ring with a pair of brass balls suited her well. She seems content. Should I count the Tactical Boots I bought her today as birthday gifts?

         NaNoWriMo goes poorly. My writing in general goes poorly. I think maybe I should challenge myself to write a novel excluding Novembers from my writing schedule. Maybe an 11-month effort would be more successful? <sigh>Perhaps not. My ability to write is just plain gone.</sigh>

         So many things are slipping away from me of late. I used to spend a dozen hours at a time in front of the computer. Now with a faster machine and a 42" screen to enable me to continue using the computer at all, I spend perhaps 2 hours each day. I guess the time had to come when using the computer got hard enough that it was no longer fun. I was hoping it would wait a couple of years, though. Even watching TV is getting to be difficult. My 120" screen is still viewable, but my eyes tire after only an hour or so. I must rest between programs in order to watch with any enjoyment.

         I'm just whining now. Time to stop.


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