Karl (louderback) wrote,

I've been away... SPORE!

I've been away...

         I've done my usual with a new game. I play obsessively for a couple of weeks then go back to my old habits. Spore is quickly addictive. It fascinates on a variety of levels.

         There is an internal logic to the game that you learn over time. You can be a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore. Each of these might tend toward aggressive, industrious, or social. Meaning, you kill everything you meet, kill some things you meet, or ally yourself with at least most of the creatures you meet. This has consequences later on.

         You may wind up as a warrior, a scientist, an ecologist, a bard, or many other types in the game depending on your choices as you evolve and how you solve the problem of ruling all the tribes, then later, ruling the entire planet. As I say, the internal logic is present, and it is fascinating to discover it through play.

         Here's some of the stuff I've been doing.

         FYI: If you have been trying unsuccessfully to reach me, my phone number has changed. E-mail me to get the new number!

DinosaurI've been incessantly creating creatures like this one. It is called a "Tarkas". I've been through an Edgar Rice Burroughs phase trying to re-create a thoat, a calot, and a green martian warrior. This was supposed to be Tars Tarkas, six limbed, 14 feet tall, and tusked. It didn't work out that way
Ape ManI created this ape-like creature more or less by random chance. He hasn't a name really, but I think of him as "Ook". This race made it through the various phases of evolution largely in a straight line. By this I mean the cells were blue, the creatures were blue and upright, the tribe members looked just as the creatures initially did, and the civilized Ook hadn't changed by the time he made it to space.
Inverted Cone HouseOoks and Tarkases live in houses that vary considerably. This is one of the simple ones. I find that I enjoy creating buildings nearly as much as I like evolving creatures.
Open Air EntertainmentThe creatures must have entertainment so that their cities are not too drab leaving them unhappy and vulnerable. An unhappy city can be more easily overcome by a "religious" society than a happy one. Societies are: Military, Religious, Economic. I tend to wind up Military most of the time and hit both Religious and Economic equally the rest of the time.
smokestack factoryOf course, to be truly happy the denizens of my cities must have work to do, so they have factories. Factories generate "spice" the only commodity in the game. Spice comes in multiple colors, I've found red, yellow, green, blue, and pink so far. There may be more. Too many factories make a city unhappy.
Military landspeederWhen not working the inhabitants may zip about (or more likely mosey) in various land vehicles. I really do enjoy designing this sort of thing and have made many. I tend to think "landspeeder" when I design land vehicles, for military, religious, or economic cities.
Sea CraftSea craft are present in the game too. I tend to think "Cleopatra's Barge" regardless of the use of the ship. This one is a bit over the top even for me.
Military AircraftAircraft are things everyone seems to like to design. In-game you can choose to simply use something designed by Maxis, by some friend of yours, or to design one yourself. Of late, I do all the designing myself. Design work takes time away from "play" but isn't playing at design the best sort of play? Playing at playing?
Blue space craftI move into my most bizarre aspect when designing space craft. Unlike planet-bound vehicles, the abilities, "health","weapons", and "speed" are not built in at design time. All space craft have the same capabilities along those lines, but improve as you play. You may find or buy improved cargo holds, better weapons, a new interstellar drive…
Metallowhale space craftI try to "think out of the box" when designing space craft. I fail frequently. This design is based on an episode of Star Trek.
Wooden Space ShipAnother over-the-top design for a space craft. This one looks like a sailing ship made of wood. There's no real reason why a space craft should have any particular shape at all, other than physical stresses. It is not like such vehicles need to be streamlined.
Typical SpaceshipThis is probably my favorite space ship. The typical "silver cigar" of the 50's… with fins, of course, and not silver…

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