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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Sick again
nanowrimo 2010

Despite numerous oaths I am now running XP

         Yes, I know. I *swore* I wouldn't go there. Long story short, someone gave me a faster compute to replace my old one. The only catch is it has XP. I'm not liking it so far, but it is faster.

         XP is yet another exercise in obfuscation by MicroSoft. I detest the fact they feel they can't trust me with my own information, a real file name, an actual file location, or the ability to do any damned thing without a couple of confirmations. I *hate* the new search features. It finds nothing.

         I've had some sort of flu-esque virus for the last two weeks. Head cold, followed by stomach flu, followed by unspeakable symptoms (of which I will not speak) left me weak and miserable for days on end. Anti-biotics haven't helped much, but I think I am finally wearing it out. Sis, of course, now has the same thing.

         We went grocery shopping at 5:00 this morning. Hy-Vee is tolerable at that hour.

          Sabastion waxed philosophical today. He depresses me at times but I enjoy it immensely when he display his intellect. His philosophy and social bigotries are so similar to my own that I think we must have been brothers in some past life.