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myth wrote: Lovecraft Fans take note:


Does this bother anyone else? Does it bother anyone else that Michael Phelps looks like H. P. Lovecraft?

I mean, it's all there. The big ears. Fleshy nose-tip. Thin lips, the lower of which seems to be stuffed with cotton or something? That look: blankly staring into the distance. They could be brothers... or father and son?

Phelps'...affinity...for the water is quite suggestive. His "official" biography states that he is from Baltimore, MD, widely believed to be a likely "regrouping" point for the Esoteric Order of Dagon after their community at Innsmouth was destroyed by the U.S. Treasury Department in 1927. Can there be any doubt, then, that Phelps is the latest--and most "perfected"--in a line of amphibious monstrosities resulting from the union of humans and Deep Ones? Sure, he has obtained an amount of gold from the Olympics, but is it not possible that some portion thereof was brought from Y'ha-nthlei, the cyclopian city deep beneath the waves?

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