Karl (louderback) wrote,

New monitor...

a picture of a vizio 37-inch televison, model vo37l
New Monitor! 37 inches! Bright!

         WEWT! I am in monitor heaven today. The Vizio VO37L 37" monitor/LCD TV is mondo kewl. It would probably blind most people who put it on their desktop and sat directly in front of it as I do, but for me it is about perfect. It is extremely bright. My eyes need that so it is working out well. The downside is that now that I can actually see some detail on my screen I see how crappy a lot of my images and such actually are. Eyestrain may be an issue, but I'll just have to wait and see.

         The vizio is not technically all that great. The refresh rates and resolution are OK, fine for a television, but merely adequate for a monitor. Technically it is marginal, pragmatically, I probably couldn't do a lot better for the money. Now if I could just upgrade my crappy old computer…

         I have not been writing at all since my last post. My interest has flagged for the moment, but I am confident it will be restored in good time.

         More later, perhaps.


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